investment banking

About us.

These principles - and the results they acheive - are at the very core of BlackTorch Capital.



No two companies are exactly alike. Their circumstances and challenges always differ. That’s why, before recommending any specific strategy, we always invest the time necessary to understand your issues, your business model and your objectives. Remaining flexible and focused allows us to create singular, innovative solutions.



Our senior investment bankers provide strategic perspective, middle market expertise, balanced judgment and a vast network of relationships to every client engagement. We’ve originated and closed billions of dollars in transactions of varying size and complexity. Our senior partners infuse middle-market investment banking with large-firm possibilities.



A senior partner always spearheads our firm's engagements. We work directly with the client throughout each transaction, delivering our creative, top-tier merger and acquisition capabilities. Our experience spans borders, industry sectors and economic cycles. We’re also keenly aware of the nuances of varying transaction situations and strategies.



We view the close of a successful transaction not as the end of a client relationship, but rather as part of a continuing relationship that will enable us to provide the objective advice critical to helping clients achieve their long-term goals. The breadth and depth of our relationships is key to the success of our firm and the clients we represent.


Remaining flexible and focused allows us to create singular innovative solutions.